The mission of Kuhrizmuh LLC is to make sure many women are equipped with quality products in fashion, accessories, and cosmetics that will aid her in solidifying her individual style. We cater to every woman and her style, whether she be a casual trendsetter or an on the go business woman. We empower women with encouragement to express who she is with her own choices and no one else’s. We promise to stay knowledgeable on the fashion forward. We will work hard to be innovative in the fashion industry to keep our Charismatic woman ahead of the curve. We encourage her to be of high self-esteem, confidence and style!

She loves herself. She is different. She is appealing. She stands out.

Embracing body. Influencing the Masses. Defining [Kuh-Riz-Muh].



I love shopping with Kuhrhizmuh LLC. Everything I have purchased has been great. No problems with shipping and always received in a timely manner. The clothing is of good quality!!! Thumbs up and good luck!! Reach for the stars and keep God first!!!!

- Lily