About Us

Hey Influencer! I am Ashley Chenyelle, founder of Kuhrizmuh Fashion Company. I launched Kuhrizmuh in 2015 as a leap of faith and in pursuance of my dreams. God gave me a word of prophecy at eleven years old, in that prophecy I was told I would be a staple in the fashion industry. This prophecy fueled me from that day forward. I spent my entire work-life searching for my place in fashion retail spaces with little to no success to the degree I imagine God has for me. This search aided me in gaining over 20 years in the fashion retail industry with success as a visual merchandiser/stylist.

Kuhrizmuh was birthed from an idea to curate collections with plus size women in mind. As a curvy girl, I recognize the gaps that still exist in curvy fashion. Kuhrizmuh offers statement pieces that are vibrant yet chic, bold and timeless for multiple facets of our lifestyles. For the stylish career woman, moms, athletic women, and more we have just the looks that define your style!


"Embracing body, Influencing the Masses, Defining Kuh-Riz-Muh."