Hello influencers and thank you for shopping Kuhrizmuh Fashion Co! Lets chat about one of the most important aspects of clothing shopping....SIZING! 

We know what your concern is....

What does it matter how beautiful the garment is if it doesn't fit properly?

We understand and we want to ensure our influencers get the perfect fit for their curves! We source our styles worldwide, which is why we could not just post a graph with some generic size possibilities. We have integrity and we don't look to steer you in the wrong direction. Our garments are unique to each piece and we provide a size chart per garment to make sure we speak to the specificity of each garment.

To determine what size you need look to the size guide pictured in the garment of your liking photo gallery, next measure your curves to determine which garment size will be the best selection.

Some garments run small, others run large so don't fret the letter or number, measure your curves!

Here's a How to Measure guide to assist: