Find your Bodak Yellow

"Knock me down 9 times, but I get up 10,

Look myself in the mirror I say we gon' win,

Knock me down 9 times, but I get up 10" - Cardi B Invasion of Privacy

Y'all! When I tell you, this song gives me LIFE! I could directly relate to the experiences that pushed Cardi B into unapologetic superstardom. Cardi B's fame and success bothers many people who felt that their initial thought, she would not rise higher than another season of VH1's "Love and Hip Hop," is far past incorrect! I'm not going to tell you any lies, I thought the same of her when she first became a new cast member of my dirty little dose of ratchet Tv. I'm a huge fan of the show and watch faithfully each season. I know how cast members come and go no matter how explosive their appearance may be. When Cardi joined the cast, I assumed she was just passing by. Though her time on "Love and Hip Hop" was short, the show expanded her following even more than her former standout Instagram videos. She grew on me as the seasons progressed because she kept me laughing. I mean I couldn't help but to laugh with her signature laugh and Bartier language (Yes! She has her own language!). She was an instant hit from her personality alone. Her success in music was not easily predictable until the release of her biggest hit "Bodak Yellow."

"Bodak Yellow" transformed Cardi's career in what seemed like overnight. Celebrities were grooving to it, her haters found themselves bobbing their heads to it in the club, and her name made it to the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 and stayed there for three weeks straight. She is like the queen of the underdogs in music. I love a good underdog story. Its inspiring. Think about what you are an underdog in. Is it the new business you've embarked on? Is it the school you've enrolled in? Is it the relationship no one expected to last? For me, I'm an underdog of entrepreneurship. I am multi-talented, this isn’t me tooting my own horn either (though I encourage you to toot your horn often), this is just a fact. While being multi-talented is a gift, when working to turn talent into profit it can feel like a curse. We expect that our talents alone will elevate our brands and rain success over all our endeavors. Wrong! We still must work towards our "Bodak Yellow!" We must train and grow each talent. We should be uncomfortable. We should do a few things we don’t feel like. We should be knocked down. We should be talked about. We won’t fit in. We must be authentic to who we are like when no one is around.

All it will take to go from doubted to unbothered is that one win that will transform our circumstances. This blog is my one step closer to reaching my goals. Is it my "Bodak Yellow," I’m not sure. What I've decided to do is to try and try and try again until my efforts spin into what will look to the rest of the world like, an overnight success. Use each talent. Nurture each talent individually and then use one to help nurture the other. For example, I write but I also love fashion. If I use my stronger talent to pave a way for me to grow a following, it would help my fashion brand become noticed by those who enjoy my works and vice versa. Cardi B needed reality Tv, her appearances there paved a way for her musical ambitions. Contrary to the thoughts of those that oppose Cardi's success, she went through to get where she is. Her music on "Love and Hip Hop," can’t compare to what she has grown to now. "Bodak Yellow," solidified her place in the music industry. What will place you solid in the success you dream to reach? How will you get there? Find your "Bodak Yellow."

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