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Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Hey Influencer Krew!

I would like to introduce myself. I am Ashley Lawhorn, a Detroit native living in Huntsville AL. Before I go further, know that I am a very transparent woman who shares freely my journey and experiences on this rollercoaster ride called life. I speak from my experiences and my perspective which molds my reality. I want to build a relationship with the people who believe in me and my brand. I want the Kuhrizmuh Krew to know who they sow into! My dream is to be a SUCCESSFUL brand.

My passions are multidimensional. My passions uplift women, push them into showing up boldly, and provides them with trendy yet timeless quality fashion.

Full transparency remember?

I have been a business owner for six years as of 7/29/2021, but I have only become a full time entrepreneur as of March 2021. Ladies this has been a test of my passions and a trigger to my struggles with self confidence. While I won’t rewrite the book (Mirrors: Shattering The Mirrors of Self Hate and Embracing the Reflections I See), which if you haven’t read my journey I encourage you too (available at and on Amazon)! Know that there are really high moments and really low moments. Regardless of the highs and lows I am very persistent, so I give myself grace, and I allow myself room to be human! Ladies I encourage you to always remember you are human! We tend to innately forget to give ourselves grace because we are tending to others‘ needs. I am a wife and mom of two so I choose to make sure home is in a healthy space but now I make sure mommy is in a healthy space too.

This role has been a challenge, too often I struggle with feeling like I don’t have enough resources and knowledge to get to my destination. So I am going public with this journey! I am allowing my supporters to hold me accountable. I want you all to see how far we go. I want you to hold my feet to the fire and challenge me to improve Kuhrizmuh to the brand that you expect! We will not let you down!

Be sure to follow our progress!

Instagram: @kuhrizmuhfashions

Facebook: Kuhrizmuh LLC

TikTok: kuhrizmuhfashions

Thank you for your support!

Go on charismatic woman, influence the masses 💋

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